Issue 15 – May 2013


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Logo Mike Walmsley, made a very big splash in the recruitment industry when he released his best-selling DVDs some years ago – you may even be one of the thousands of recruiters who learned your trade whilst watching him on TV - but what's he been up to since?

Our MD worked with the big billing guru many years ago and she called him to find out that he recently launched - with over 300 videos…!

Ruella: Mike, what have you been doing over the last few years?

"After I sold Elite Leaders, I wanted to build something really special so I bought the domain name , hired a full-time video production team with a green screen studio and began filming over 300 videos for directors, managers and recruiters."

MikeRuella: How does this site differ from your original DVDs?

"For a start my team has already filmed over 300 videos featuring 40 of the world's leading recruitment experts, whereas my original 18 DVDs only contained my content. But the main difference is that these online videos have several truly unique aspects - plus we also film around 20 new videos every month and add them to the site free of charge."

Ruella: What do you mean by unique aspects?

"Before I developed the site, I researched online video sites from inside and outside our industry and none of them addressed what I believe to be the key issues that rapidly improve billings. Firstly, we developed a unique online Skills Gap Analysis tool that enables recruiters at all levels to pinpoint where they need to improve the most. Secondly, after watching any video on the site, you are invited to complete an online action plan of the techniques you'd like to implement. An automatic reminder is then sent to you, and your manager if you choose, so that valuable training actions don't just sit on an A4 pad and get stuffed in a drawer, never to be seen again! And thirdly, we have created unique "Reality Recruitment" videos, which are real live candidates and client calls, which we analyse and then explain how they could have been more effective."

Ruella: The director videos sound particularly interesting, please tell us how you developed the content?

"Throughout the last 10 years I've built relationships with multimillionaire recruitment business owners, social media experts, digital marketing geniuses, strategic business planning experts and networking gurus. Many of these people have agreed to put the crown jewels of their content into In return they get a free listing on the premium domain name in the world for recruitment training, plus thousands of recruiters globally are exposed to their personal brand each month."

Ruella: How long are the videos?

"You have a choice of longer videos, 15 minutes to 30 minutes, or you can search for a two or three minute video that focuses in on improving a single area of your performance. The shorter videos are particularly powerful if you'd like to hold a 20 minute internal training session for your team, whereby the team watch a three minute video and then discuss how that technique could be implemented or adapted into your business. This saves a huge amount of time for managers and directors and creates input, ideas and involvement from the team - which has a direct impact upon employee engagement. Alternatively, of course, you can watch a three minute clip on your iPhone whenever you like without it eating up too much of your time."

Ruella: What's next on the horizon for you Mike?

"I've got something really big planned.  I can't tell you about that right now but keep an eye out for a unique new recruitment business, hopefully later this year!" is one of the most innovative training products we've ever heard about at Ruella James. If you are a director, you'll see cutting-edge advice from industry leaders that can have an immediate strategic impact on your business. If you're a manager, you will see videos that help you manage and inspire your team ,but also help you up the career ladder. If you are a recruiter you'll find it easy to boost your billings by working through some of the hundreds of recruiter videos on the site.

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