Issue 15 – May 2013

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Our key articles:

Welcome from our MD Ruella Crouch

Ruella CrouchWelcome to this months newsletter

For the first time we’ve produced our newsletter in a digital format, so we’d appreciate your feedback as it’s important to us that you to find the content worthwhile, meaningful and informative, particularly as I’m so aware of how many emails we all receive on a daily basis.
Despite the changeable weather and challenging market conditions we’re feeling very positive. Since January, we’ve been inundated with roles from our high profile client base as well as being approached by a significant number of new clients. What’s interesting to see is the increase in roles at the entry/junior end of the market, the improvement in terms of speed of response and time to hire, the increase in the number of warm/hot desks on offer and the return of significant guarantees. Read more

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Gavin Ingham

Ruella CrouchHow To Be A Sales Superstar & Make More Sales

What makes a sales superstar? What makes someone who can consistently make sales no matter what the economy is doing? What are the mindsets, attributes, skills and knowledge required by top performers? Why is it that one person or company can thrive, prosper and grow in economic conditions that see others wilt, stumble and fall?

What is it that differentiates top sales performers from mere also-rans and wannabes? These are great questions and ones that I am going to be answering over the coming weeks and months. Read more

Under the spotlight, Norman Burden CEO of True North

Ruella CrouchDescribe your business and your current role?

True North is a recruitment and resourcing business at its heart but the way we deliver our services and solutions is rather less conventional than it is for most in our sector. Because we mostly work with fast growth organisations that have aggressive demands and limited timescales, our job is to deliver efficient and cost effective approaches that deliver results. True North is a boutique consultancy staffed by wonderfully talented people who are experts at what they do, and the mix of skills is amazingly diverse for the size of business we are.

Someone has to keep this box of fireworks safely and that is my job. As CEO, I do everything you would expect of the job but I try to ensure I speak to and spend time with our clients as often as possible. Read more

Market update

FiguresReasons to be Cheerful as a Recruiter in 2013

Despite some cautious economic forecasts from certain quarters, 2013 has generally seen a positive start for recruiters across the market. With spring already upon us, it would seem a good time to reflect on what has been a promising first quarter for the industry, and looks set to be an even better 9 months to follow. With Britain as a whole slowly creeping out of recession, led as always by a buoyant London marketplace, things have not looked so good for recruiters for quite some time. Here, we look at just a few of the reasons for recruiters to remain optimistic in their outlook for the year ahead. Read more

Amazing reader offer from

LogoHave you seen
Exclusive discount for Ruella James readers!

Mike Walmsley, made a very big splash in the recruitment industry when he released his best-selling DVDs some years ago – you may even be one of the thousands of recruiters who learned your trade whilst watching him on TV - but what's he been up to since?

Our MD worked with the big billing guru many years ago and she called him to find out that he recently launched - with over 300 videos…! Read more

Graduate Assessment Centres

Assessment centreA number of years ago we ran monthly assessment centres as a tool for attracting candidates to the recruitment industry. In a recessionary market they became less common as the supply of trainee candidates within the recruitment industry far outstripped demand.

However, in more recent times as the graduate market has recovered, we have noticed clients enquiring once more about our Assessment Centres. They offer a strong alternative method of evaluating a candidate through a series of extensive tests and interviews. The format can make it easier to showcase a potential candidates’ broader range of skills and competencies, and they are often seen as a fairer and more effective way to select Trainee Recruitment Consultants than the traditional interview process. Read more

Referral bonus

Assessment centreEnhanced referral scheme & Your chance to win an iPad Mini!!!

For the month of May, we are offering an increased referral fee of up to £600 for experienced recruiters with over two years recruitment experience, £300 for candidates with 1-2 years recruitment experience and £250 for trainees with zero to 12 months recruitment experience. (view our website for full terms and conditions). What’s more, for every one of your referrals that we successfully place, you will be entered into a draw to win a brand new iPad Mini!

We're proud that over 60% of our placements come through referrals, a fact which offers further proof of our candidate’s high level of satisfaction. It is for this reason we are happy to reward anyone recommending a friend subsequently placed by us. We are incredibly proactive on our candidates' behalf and the chances of us placing your friend are very high.

You do not have to be registered with us yourself in order to recommend someone. We will respect your wishes if you would rather your friend does not know that you have recommended them to us. All that we ask is that they be successful, experienced recruiters or have a genuine interest in a career within recruitment. We will do the rest of the hard work for you!

Some terms and conditions apply so please do click here for more details – The winner will be announced in our September newsletter. 

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