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Changing Jobs In An Economic Downturn?

Whilst the past few weeks have been something of a rollercoaster in the UK particularly within the financial markets, here at Ruella James we’ve been talking and meeting with our wide ranging client base to gauge how the ‘credit crunch’ has really been affecting their business.

Generally speaking little has changed, recruitment organisations are still recruiting, there are still some fantastic opportunities out there including some great warm/hot desks and whilst some clients in the more obvious sectors have seen a downturn, many others reported record breaking/strong months in September. According to many MD’s that we’ve spoken to, we won’t really see the effects of the worldwide bailout for 4/5 weeks; so where there is some hesitation and caution in the market the feeling is, it won’t last for long.

Interestingly over the last few weeks we’ve registered some really good quality candidates who despite all the doom and gloom feel that now’s the time to move, so that they can bed in to new roles and take advantage of the upswing that is bound to come at some point.

We really do feel that we have some of our best opportunities on offer at the moment:

These include:

·        A HOT Design and Brand desk within a boutique creative consultancy

·        A HOT Secretarial into Media billing desk billing £150k/year

·        A HOT Finance temps desk with Public Sector

·        A WARM secretarial desk covering a maternity cover whilst building a desk

·        Warm desks within marketing, sales, digital, research and the integrated markets

·        HOT  DUEL desks within PR and Comms and HR within public sector

We also have some fantastic senior opportunities across all sectors and as we update our website on a daily basis we’re bound to have something of interest! For a no obligation discussion call us 7 days a week 8am until 9pm on 0844 8000 999.

We’re currently conducting an ‘economic review’ within our client base, the results of which will be published shortly so come back soon!



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